Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about the direction Gazing Skyward TV should take next. I have decided to provide more opportunity for the community to participate. I know there are others out there that have more expertise on specific aviation topics than I do. I want to tap into that. I want to make this community about others and their experiences and not solely about me.

Skydiving team descending.


My vision for Gazing Skyward TV is to inspire others through people’s stories that are engaging, educational, or both. Talking about the historical aspects of aviation will remain a core goal. So let me lay out some ideas that reflect my thinking.

My vision for Gazing Skyward TV is to inspire others through people's stories.Click To Tweet

Video Streaming (Blab)

Up until recently I have been very limited in doing live video streaming. I was introduced to Blab last week. I really loved the simplicity of creating a Blab account and how easy it was to join in on the live video stream. All you need is a Twitter account to watch and comment. If you want to participate on video, all you need is a webcam on a desktop or a laptop computer or an iOS device like a tablet or a phone. (The Blab team is working on an Android app). Also it would be a good idea to have a pair of headphones. I am thinking of hosting regular Blabs on a variety of aviation topics and seeding the conversation with knowledgeable people. Later on, others would be allowed to join the discussion, make contributions, and ask questions.


I am also thinking about opening up the Gazing Skyward TV blog to guest writers. I would be looking for writers who are talented storytellers that are involved in some capacity in the aviation industry. If you’re a pilot, air traffic controller, mechanic, aerospace engineer, accident investigator, historian etc. and interested in sharing with others your love of aviation, please contact me by leaving a comment below this post or by using this contact form.

Before I go, do you have any suggestions on what improvements I could implement? Would you be interested in watching or participating on Blabs that I host? Are you interested in writing on the blog? Leave a comment below or on social media with your thoughts.

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